Get it, girl


ionic : ANIMA gacha

ionic : Anima RARE, ionic : Vanity desk, ionic : Cologne & body care, ionic : Makup, ionic : Rosas, ionic : You & Me collar, ionic : Golden chair, ionic : Winter tote bag (a), ionic : Sleepy lapin (brown), ionic : Cat headphones, ionic : Purse with stuff

THOR – Storybook Set at collabor88 :

THOR::.. Storybook Shelf with THOR::.. Books – Group 1 + Memories, THOR::.. Books – Group 3, THOR::.. Books – Group 2, THOR::.. Book Stack 1 and THOR::.. Encyclopedia

THOR::.. Little Clawfoot Table, THOR::.. Book of FairyTales, THOR::.. Cup of Hot Tea, THOR::.. Vintage Velvet Pillow – Wine, THOR::.. Vintage Velvet Armchair – Black

Raindale ~ Sheer Curtain gift at 2nd Level Event until February 28

Raindale ~ Sugarvale carpet at The Crossroads:

Serenity Style- A love touch set (items can be also purchased individually) at The Liaison Collaborative

Serenity Style- A love touch flowers jars, Serenity Style- A love touch cabinet, Serenity Style- A love touch room divider

Serenity Style- All for love suitcase is the item in the Deco(c)rate that was released on February 8th

Dreamscapes Decor – *Cookie Box* Open Always

Dreamscapes Decor -*Melly* Plant Stand

Dreamscapes Decor – *Valentine* Cards B

Dreamscapes Decor – *Kia* Birdcage with candles A

Dreamscapes Decor – *LOVE* Boxes – gift at the Loves Me..Loves Me Not Hunt

dust bunny . wanderlust . upcycled typewriter

dust bunny . wanderlust . thrown shirt

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