Take a nap, eat cake, read a book, relax


GOOSE – Wheathered Garden kiosk at Cosmopolitan until February 26

GOOSE – logs seat green -Midnight Madness gift

Aphrodite “Hot Air Balloon” Musical Mobile at Thimble – A Kids Event

Aphrodite Happily everafter drip cake at Enchantment

Aphrodite Valentines Day tree fat pack – get all information on the trees and demos here and here

Aphrodite Happy Valentines flowered Heart Macaroons box – gift

Serenity Style– Rag Bunny.9 REZ and Serenity Style- Rag Bunny.1 REZ at Whimsical

✿           ✿          ✿

The following can be found at the new round of Lost & Found

“Moon_Sha” Tree Bench

.:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha: .:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha Ottoman 1 RARE, .:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha Suitcases, .:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha Chest of drawers RARE, .:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha Crate, .:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha Ottoman 2, .:Bee Designs:.Bella Set gacha Decor boxes

[Merak] – Wheel Light  and [Merak] Crate/Bonus Decor

Bliensen + MaiTai – Catkin – Jar blue and Bliensen + MaiTai – Catkin – Jar pink

{Q-Essentials}Silver Cyclone Desk Fan

NACH Bunny Nancy

Jinx : Animated MacSheepy Companion – Giro and Jinx : Animated MacRamstein Companion

✿           ✿          ✿

dust bunny . autumns calling . plate setting

BackBone Silver Plates and BackBone Sparkly Wine

17.erratic / aea – napkin with cutlery

🐏            🐏         🐏

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