Coffee or tea, please share a cup with me

Coffee or tea, please share a cup with me

no13 – ordinary small coffee shop gacha at U L T R A until February 15th:

[RARE/copy]::no13:: ordinary small coffee shop (building has been modified), [01/copy]::no13::coffee shop chair / bk, [02/copy]::no13::coffee shop chair / red,[03/copy]::no13::coffee shop table / wood, [04/copy]::no13::coffee shop table / marble, [05/copy]::no13::coffee shop iron signboard, [07/copy]::no13::coffee shop old air conditioner / white, [08/copy]::no13::coffee shop receipt holder, [09/copy]::no13::coffee shop menu, [10/copy]::no13:: coffee shop fortune machine, [11/copy]::no13:: coffee shop iron lamp,

Birch – Cubic Candles at The Liaison Collaborative

Serenity Style-Vintage Game Frames gacha at The Crossroads:

Serenity Style- Vintage Games Queen Frame, Serenity Style- Vintage Games Poker Frame, Serenity Style- Vintage Games King Frame, Serenity Style- Vintage Games Wallart RARE

uk – Neon Stud Angel and uK – Get Lit Sign

 THOR::.. Metal Vintage Chair red, ..::THOR::.. Retractable opened Awning, ..::THOR::.. Empty Glasses, ..::THOR::.. Bottle Opener, ..::THOR::.. Candlestick Phone, ..::THOR::.. Dusty Wine Bottle, ..::THOR::.. Old Trays, ..::THOR::.. Barrel, ..::THOR::.. Camp Stoves, ..::THOR::.. Stoner Tea Cup, ..::THOR::.. Teapot with Herb Tea, ..::THOR::.. Pink Sponge, ..::THOR::.. Vintage Ride On Toy, ..::THOR::.. Ticket on a plate, ..::THOR::.. Ashtray, ..::THOR::.. Cookies, ..::THOR::.. Glass of Orange juice, ..::THOR::.. Jug of Orange juice

SAYO – Secret Refuge Gacha – FIREWALL – Common

cute as f*ck – Hanging Chalkboard – Love and Coffee

☕         ☕         ☕


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