How to get your blog ready for success

You have created your blog and you’re ready to share your knowledge and expertise on SL Fashion, Freebies, Photography, Decoration, Travel, advertise your business or services.

Are you going to go around the grid and take photos of landscapes? Are you going to blog about fashion? Decor? Landscaping? Where are you going to find the items that you will feature in your posts? Will you buy them yourself? Will you be getting them from sponsors?

You might also want to start thinking about your target readers and how you are going to reach to them.

Your blog is your own creation. No one can tell you how it should look like or how it should be structured. There are no must-haves or must-dos. It’s done according to your taste and aesthetics. However since you obviously are aiming to have a certain amount of readers it’s good to keep some things in mind before you decide to go one direction or another.

Also if you’re planning to look for sponsors to offer you their creations, they will be looking at your blog. They will not choose you if you’re not offering something that will promote their creations. No, you do not create your blog according to what someone else wants but yes you want to have readers. And readers come with what you have to show. I am not an expert nor am I trying to tell you what is right or wrong. I am just writing my thoughts according to my experience as a creator, blogger, photographer, blogger manager.

Blog appearance and general feel

  • Your photos are the product of your hard work. You take them in laggy sims with high graphics settings, searching for the perfect windlight after hours of set up or inventory search to find the perfect fit for your outfit or the perfect little decor for your scene. Make them stand out!
  • Your site needs to be easy to navigate, easy to read. No one likes to dig under pop ups, widgets, unnecessary information and busy pages to find what they are looking for. The more clean and clear it is the more easy for most of your readers. Maybe you want to reconsider your super busy background and opt for something more simple?
  • Do you have a “search” field on your blog? Tags? categories? Can someone search in your blog for what they are looking for? How many times have you gone back to a blog to search for the pair of shoes or sofa you saw a month or 15 days ago? If you haven’t, you’re the exception.
  • Can people find you on all the social media? Is your SL name or FB name or Flickr account visible and easy to find on your blog? What if a creator is impressed with your work and wants to contact you?
  • Music. This is very a controversial subject. I’m opting for no music. Music is very personal. Or you can have it but the player should not play automatically when the page opens.
  • Sponsors/logos. Most creators/sponsors require that. Some don’t. It’s nice to have an area in your blog to show your collaborations and show off the wonderful creators that are trusting you!
  • Feeds/blogroll. Update please! It doesn’t look good if you have feeds that expired or you’re following blogs that have not been updated for months.

Remember your blog is your creation and is work in progress.


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