My chalet

My chalet

 DaD DESIGN  – Aspen Cabin with snow add on at Shiny Shabby

THOR – Vintage Reception Set at Cosmopolitan:

 Vintage Reception Chair, Licking Red Cat *GIFT*, Vintage Telephone with sound, Old Guest Book (operating), Cup Of Coffee, Vintage Reception Desk, Stamps Holder, Vintage Desk Lamp, Old Jug With Projects, Brushes Jug, Vintage Key Holder, Wood Letters Holder, Post Cards – Wall, Color Scale Poster, Concierge Sign

BIGBULLY Mood Prints – Pardon My French – RARE at Lost & Found

[P] Pillows – YardSale: Phone & Stand at Lost & Found

HopScotch – Polaroid Memories Light at Lost & Found

From Fancy Decor at Tannenbaum:

Fancy Decor: Paper Tree (music), Fancy Decor: Paper Tree (words), 13 Fancy Decor: Tassel (silver), 12 Fancy Decor: Tassel (gold), Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (gold), Fancy Decor: Menorah (gold)

Tree Decorations (can be edited on a Christmas tree):  05 Fancy Decor: Silver Bauble, 09 Fancy Decor: Red and Silver Ornament, 07 Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble (red), 06 Fancy Decor: Striped Bauble (silver), 11 Fancy Decor: Tapered Ornament, 04 Fancy Decor: Red Bauble

Dj / SF Greydon Chair and DJ / SF Blanket Basket – canvas at Tres Chic

cute as f*ck – Christmas Board – Mittens -gacha gift

20.aisling. Rugs

🌲  outdoor   🌲

Hayabusa Design – Sorbus Aria Tunnel

LAGOM-Frostbite gacha at Lost & Found

[07b] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Path B], [07a] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Path A], [05a] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fence A], [05B] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fence B], [03] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Light Tree Arch], [01a] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fairybush A], [01d] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fairybush D], [02a] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Light Tree A], [02B] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Light Tree B], [01b] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fairybush B], [01c] LAGOM- Frostbite Gacha [Fairybush c]

⛄             ⛄           ⛄           ⛄


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