It’s the season to be freezin’

When snow falls, nature listens

The following building and decor can be found Draftsman

Galland Homes – Hanover Barn with snow add-on

peaches – Woodland Fence Set

Twilight – Romantic Telescope

Panavia – Winter Tree “Fagus”

From ionic : Winter is coming gacha: *ionic* Snowy logs path (curvy), *ionic* Street Lamp (green), *ionic* Snow form 1, *ionic* Logs for the long winter,*ionic* Winter bench (red),  *ionic* Winter bench (wood), *ionic* Spanish Sweets

ionic : The Forest Shanty (small built on the right of the barn)

From Yokai – Funny snowmans GACHA at Lost & Found:

9. Yokai – Funny snowmans – Snowman with lanterns (1), 13.Yokai – Funny snowmans- Garland (1), 3.Yokai – Funny snowmans-Scarf with lanterns (brown & white), 7. Yokai – Funny snowmans – Wreath of lanterns (2)

7mad;Ravens – Rustic Snowman Board

Little Branch – MysticBoardLeaf.v2{4Seasons} at U L T R A

Little Branch  – MapleWood.v2{Seasons} and MapleWood.v1{Seasons} at The Liaison Collaborative 

Hayabusa Design – Large Field of Grass HD

Dreamscapes – Wall Cloth* Deer B, *Folded Blanket* A, *Reindeer* B, *Reindeer* C

Twilight – Back Yard Set: Twilight – Back Yard Table, Twilight – Back Yard Chair

Fancy Decor: Belted Hay

DJ / SF – Hay Wagon – rustic

DJ / SF Blanket Basket – canvas

Bee Designs -Hot Chocolate Set -Gift

.04 [ kunst ] – Absolutely bottles x2

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stroopwafles

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Gounda Plate

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Poffertjes

PLAAKA AutumnHay

PLAAKA AutmnNuts(SoupCup)

[DDD] Empty Simple Crate

floorplan. old crate stack

☃      ☃      ☃      ☃       ☃

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