Addicted to the pot


 Industry 7 – coffee&green Gacha at 6º Republic until November 20th

i7_coffee & green coffee table, i7_coffee & green lamp metal, i7_coffee & green pour over station, i7_coffee & green_cannisters coffee, i7_coffee & green_cannisters weed, i7_coffee & green_chair natural, i7_coffee & green_chair painted, i7_coffee & green_counter RARE, i7_coffee & green_espresso&joints, i7_coffee & green_full rope gate, i7_coffee & green_lamp glass, i7_coffee & green_server tray, i7_coffee & weed_menu coffee, i7_coffee & weed_menu weed

IONIC : Apothecary Counter, IONIC : Apothecary Medicinal Herbs,  from The Apothecary gacha

IONIC : Tea with herbs, *ionic* My cafe sign, *ionic* Board Cafe Info, *ionic* Loaf of bread, *ionic* Life Goes from The House Cafe Gacha

IONIC : Mushrooms for cooking, IONIC : Mushrooms Pot, IONIC : Antique Candle holder, IONIC: Ritual White Candle, IONIC : Ancient Book display [Mandrake] from BRUJAS gacha

*ionic* intento inflexible – papers on floor

THOR – Teapot with Herb Tea from THOR – Old Dirty Coffeeshop Set at 6º Republic

Building: ChiC buildings – Sunrise Beachouse at Draftsman opens on November 20th

☕       ☕        ☕        ☕        ☕



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