Gnomes invaded my kitchen


IONIC : La casa del Pueblo Gacha at The Chapter Four:

ionic : la casa del pueblo RARE, ionic : crema de calabacin, ionic : desayuno con huevo, ionic : el banquito del pueblo, ionic : el mate y la pava, ionic : flan de huevo, ionic : la cocina del pueblo, ionic : la mesa del pueblo, ionic : leche con rosquillas, ionic : leche en botellas, ionic : madera para el frio, ionic : provisiones para el invierno, ionic : ravioles de ricota

Serenity Style- Indiana Harvest Patio GACHA – at The Liaison Collaborative:

Serenity Style- Indiana Harvest Apple Basket, Serenity Style- Indiana Harvest Pear, Serenity Style- Indiana Harvest Lemon Box, Serenity Style- Indiana Harvest Stool Decor, Serenity Style- Indiana Harvest Planks

Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery GACHA – at 6º Republic:

Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Bread Bag REZ, Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Choco Cake, Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Pastries Box, Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Tompouces, Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Stroopwafels, Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Rustic Bread, Serenity Style- Senzation’s Bakery Single Bread

Serenity Style-Winter Gnome Collection at Whimsical (opens on November 18th):

Serenity Style- Winter Gnome Holly, Serenity Style- Winter Gnome Red, Serenity Style- Winter Gnome with Sack

Dreamscapes – *Garden* Crates with pumpkin C

Dreamscapes – *Autumn* Crate Apples B

floorplan. old crate stack

KOSH– Burlap rug

🍄      🍄       🍄       🍄



  • Heheh! Love the picture that tells a story! They are quite cuddly for gnomes, too. Vis… the phrase was made famous during the 1964 Sterling Crisis in Britain when Harold Wilson, a politician in the British Labour Party, referred to Swiss bankers and financial speculators as, “Gnomes of Zurich” . I always think of that phrase when I see gnomes, they never got a very good press.

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