Gather, eat, laugh!

Gather, eat, laugh!

CHEZ MOI – Industrial Kitchen (Adult) for Buy Now:

Industrial Kitchen (Adult) CHEZ MOI, Industrial Fridge CHEZ MOI, Industrial Shelf CHEZ MOI, EAT sign is part of the shelf), Multiscene Industrial Table CHEZ MOI, Industrial Metal Chair CHEZ MOI, Industrial Decorated Tray CHEZ MOI

CHEZ MOI – Rounded Bench Multicolors at The Chapter Four

Warm – Round Chesterfield Pouf

Warm – Summer Hill Bed, Warm – Summer Hill Bed Side Table, Warm – Summer Hill Sideboard

hive // old tin candy sign

Rekt – Tribal Deer Halloween Edition

REKT – Happy Fall Blocks Gift for The Jerky Turkey Hunt 6

REKT – Iron Room Divider at We ♥ RP

ChiMia – Fall in Love gacha at The Gacha Garden:

ChiMia:: FiL Metal Chair, ChiMia:: FiL Metal Chair (Gold), ChiMia:: FiL Pumpkin, ChiMia:: FiL Topiary Pot [SOI], ChiMia:: FiL Fence

Pewpew! Robber Mad Teddy at TMD

Pewpew! Chocolate Gacha at Kustom9 :

Pewpew! Chocolate – Rocher and Pewpew! Chocolate – Flamingo

unKindness – Pupkin Spartan RARE

Les Sucreries de Fairy  – My Black Cute Mouse  at On9

All grass and trees are from The Little Branch

DaD DESIGN- The NewOld Cabin at 6º Republic

(for photography purposes I have removed the roof of the cabin)

🍳        🍳         🍳



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