My little helpers are already packing gifts!

My little helpers are packing gifts already!

DaD DESIGN  – Southwoods Cottage with snow add-on

at Shiny Shabby

*ionic* – Winter Tales gacha: 

*ionic* Mommy and kid Foxes, *ionic* El unicornio magico, *ionic* The Fox and the cookies, *ionic* Oh deer my, *ionic* Lazy bunnie, *ionic* Mommy Bunnie, *ionic* The bunnie and the carrots, *ionic* Kiss me kiss me kiss me

ionic : Plainsong gacha: 

*ionic* messy lightbulbs, *ionic* Sprial leaf, *ionic* Antique Piano RARE, *ionic* Snuggle up!, *ionic* Hanging blankets

*ionic* Traveller’s backpack { 2 }

Pewpew – Picnic Decor :

Pewpew! Picnic – Wine Bottles, Pewpew! Picnic – Apple Basket, Pewpew! Picnic – Season Polas, Pewpew! Picnic – Baguette, Pewpew! Picnic – Pewster Cheese

Serenity Style-Give a gift gacha at The Crossroads

Serenity Style- Give a gift tool box RARE, Serenity Style- Give a gift brown box, Serenity Style- Give a gift cute chipmunk pack, Serenity Style- Give a gift with love special, Serenity Style- Give a gift teal box, Serenity Style- Give a gift paper rolls RARE

Little Branch – CherryBlossoms.v2{5Flowers} (left and in front right of the cottage)

all trees used in this scene are from Little Branch 

Raindale – Meadow grass ~ dry (s4,t1)

Raindale – Autumn’s eve -table, chairs and autumn cover

Dreamscapes Art Gallery  -Folded Blanket* A

unKindness – Winter Picket Fence 

{vespertine} – tiny dwelling – mountain lantern /green 9

Ariskea {November } – Chest Pillow – GG

*AF* – Soup Board 9 – Beet Soup

Mint– Fall Jars – 1L

Mint- Apples & Candles bucket – 1L

Toro. Curtains + Lights {Christmas III}

Toro. Curtains + Lights {Christmas I}

Fanatik Architecture – Winter Grass Dark -GG

DIVIAs Design– Snowy Pussy Willow / 1 Prim – Winter Gift 2014

[PM}Pixel Mode – Snow Forms

[FD] – Winter Stepping Stones

Jian -Fox’s Fallen Tree – GG

❄       ❄       ❄        ❄       ❄



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