Fall Feelings

Fall Feelings

From right to left

GOOSE – Fall feelings gacha (initially released at Cosmopolitan) in PG and Adult versions:

GOOSE – Fall feelings single bench white, GOOSE – Fall feelings couples snug pillow Adult RARE, GOOSE – Fall feelings couple bench brown Adult RARE, GOOSE – Fall feelings Campfire, GOOSE – Fall feelings hot chocolate stump, GOOSE – Fall feelings blanket bucket

Pumpkins on the right are from hive // pumpkin cart SET II available at Salem:

hive // fall pumpkin B [muted green], hive // fall pumpkin B [muted brown], hive // fall pumpkin A [muted orange], hive // fall pumpkin B [bright orange], hive // fall pumpkin A [muted green], hive // fall pumpkin B [muted orange], hive // fall pumpkin A [muted brown], hive // fall pumpkin A [bright orange]

Vertical Flat Wooden pumpkins (planks) left (at the garage entrance) and right are also part of the above set:

hive // wooden pumpkin B, hive // wooden pumpkin A, hive // leaning rake II

Little Branch – HoneyMesquite.v3{Seasons} and HoneyMesquite.v2{Seasons} are available at U L T R A until October 15 (after the expiration of the event you can find them at the Little Branch mainstore)

Dreamscapes *Spooky Scarecrow* Orange available at The Mad Circus

Dreamscapes – *Candles Crate* D

Artisan Fantasy – Hot Cocoa Set (initially featured at Tres Chic Sept-Oct):

(on the benches)*AF* Hot Cocoa On A Stick, *AF* Cup of Cocoa – Heart 1 Design

(on the coffee table in the living room) *AF* Cocoa Cookies, *AF* Hot Cocoa Service

🍂         🍂         🍂        🍂        🍂

In the kitchen (on the right):

birch – autumn birch wood fireplace at The Crossroads:

birch autumn birch wood fireplace, .birch autumn leaves swag, .birch autumn pumpkin cluster, .birch autumn birch wood basket, .birch autumn birch wood candle basket

Stockholm&Lima – Body Pillows [PG] at U L T R A until October 15

Dreamscapes – *Candle Cluster* Halloween Large

IDEZA – Rug (part of the IDEZA – Rosace Living Room Set gacha)

Apple Fall – Hanging Wicker Basket

Ariskea[September ] Old Clock – GG

Ariskea[Miu] Vintage Box

Kalopsia – 3 – Aurelia’s Autumn Book

🍂         🍂         🍂        🍂        🍂

in the living room

IDEZA – Rosace Living Room Set gacha available at The Chapter Four:

IDEZA – Confy Seat Blue, IDEZA – Confy Seat Grey, IDEZA – Modern Couch, IDEZA – Modern Coffee Table, IDEZA – Modern Light, IDEZA – Rosace Shadow Box Shelves RARE, IDEZA Furniture – Fashion Magazines, IDEZA – Lantern (main entrance)

Dreamscapes -*Candle Tray* Halloween

POST / Metropol Battered Salon Rug

brocante – throw rug

🍂         🍂         🍂        🍂        🍂

main entrance area

Dreamscapes at The Mad Circus: *Pumpkins* with cat, *Candles* Crate Halloween B, *Pumpkins Stack*, *Tree Stump* Sign Halloween A

Dreamscapes Mainstore: *Halloween* Flag Poles B, *Haunted House* B, *Happy Halloween* Blocks A Multi, *Mira* Pallet Table C

Little Branch  – YoungBoxwood{Mesh}available at On9

[Atomic Home] – Fall String Lights at Salem

[ free bird ] Halloween Welcome Mat – Boo gacha

[ free bird ] Halloween Welcome Mat – Flying Monkeys gacha

🍂         🍂         🍂        🍂        🍂

on the left

THOR – Bicycle Red F stand (animation) -gacha available at You Gatcha Event

Mushilu – My Citroen Yellow Open Trunk

Dreamscapes – *Crate* with broom A

🍂         🍂         🍂        🍂        🍂

Building:  Diamandis – Villa Hemingway (Updated)

Leaves : Ground cover is the Action – Autumn Leaves

Single leaves on the bench, on the roof or the car and at the entrance are part of the Citroen car package

 🍂         🍂         🍂        🍂        🍂


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