Indie Teepee 2016


Teleport at Indie Teepee

don’t forget to pick up the HUD at the landing point

Indie Teepee brings people together through their love of song and art – breaking down barriers and providing a haven for music genres like indie, alternative, rock, electronic dance music and hiphop.

Bryn Oh’s art installation, greets you as you walk through the gates. “Laughing Flowers”
Hillary’s art exhibition.
Cica Ghost’s art installation – “Donkey”
Jasmine Stardust’s photo-story, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”
Photographer gallery (WIP)

over 60 original mesh designers

Bands, DJs and live singers will fill 3 weekends with music.
Oblee, Engrama, Tallysin, Caasi Ansar and Shonna Drammond are scheduled to sing.

Games, poetry readings and creative forum during weekdays.
Penumbra Fashion Show.
Drum circle

Guerrilla Burlesque will be producing 3 revues, 3 pit shows and lots of interactive workshops throughout the week.

More information and detailed program of all the activities, performances, shows, plays, workshops, shopping and much more, here

Facebook here

Flickr here

Clothes, accessories, attachments, hair, shoes, poses, decor and more

 featured here  and here

🌙 Moon


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