Think outside. No box required


GOOSE – garden shower at Lost & Found 

in PG and Adult version

Rekt Oar Gift Set at Buy Now

you will need the Buy Now group


More infomation about the event can be found here

Di’Cor – Jessy’s Arbor Set at No21

PD and Adult version

With texture change touch menu for metal parts, wood parts and pillows

Di’Cor Jessy’s Arbor

Di’Cor Jessy’s Iron Table

Di’Cor Jessy’s Planter

Serenity Style- Ibiza Puf with texture change menu at Shiny Shabby

Serenity Style- Ibiza Bag

Serenity Style- Summer Beach Set at Cosmopolitan

Serenity Style- Summer Beach Locker wood

Serenity Style- Summer Beach Towels

Serenity Style- Summer Beach Floats

Little Branch – GreenAsh {4Seasons} at Shiny Shabby

Little Branch – WildGrass*1Li {Green}

Little Branch – GreenBamboo {Cluster}

Elysium – pebble stones at Sanarae

GOOSE – Pillow crate

Zen Creations – Celebration Cream Cups

Zen Creations – Celebration Drinks

[sf] – mini checkers – beach – Group gift

{vespertine} – tiny dwelling -travel journal 8

{what next} – Candle Jar String Lights (plain)

{what next} Floor Jar Lantern (stars)

[ kunst ] – Antique water bottle I / blue

[ kunst ] – Antique water bottle II / white

[ kunst ] – Crate & water bottles (linkset)

🌙 Moon

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