White nights


DaD DESIGN – Breezy Cottage at Shiny Shabby

until July 15th

Foot print: 9.7 x 9.7
Land Impact: 26

touch menu for 74 colors

ChiMia – Ephemeral Fireplace at Cosmopolitan

ChiMia – Vintage Shell Armchair at Vintage Fair

ChiMia – Old Parts Wall Art (light)

ChiMia – Radio Phone Wall Art (wood)

LB -Buck Thorn {4Seasons} at LTD: The Event

Rekt – Balloon Ceiling Light w/Frame 13 –

gacha at Geektopia

Rekt – Balloon Ceiling Light w/Frame 15 RARE

{CE} Candlestick ~ Silver~Navy SLB13 gift at Tres Chic

{CE} Single Red Rose in Vase SLB13 gift at Tres Chic

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Old Rug at Tres Chic

The Loft & ARIA – Hexa Baskets at Collabor88

Fancy Decor – So Fancy Throw Pillow

Di’Cor – Charles Floor Lamp

hive // winter hutch table

Soy – Reed Screen

Bee Designs – Mon Amour Vintage Box 2

[ keke ] teatin – cloud nine

[ keke ] tea tin – courage

Serenity Style– Noelia Suitcase

Serenity Style- Noelia Vase

[sf] stool with books

8f8 – 18. Our Secret Hideout – Secret Diary

8f8 – 16. Our Secret Hideout – Arts ‘n’ Crafts

[ zerkalo ] Halloween in White – Single Candle

[ kunst ] – Plants in jar

[ kunst ] – Plants in jar / stand

[n.i] over.grown.tea.cans

Sway’s – [Breakfast around the World] Lyon.FR

llorisen // clothilde coffee table

tarte – polaroid string lights

A.V. – Brise’ White Roses Bucket

GW – Living Room Set Posh – Magazines

🌙 Moon

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