Come for a splash!

Come for a splash!

DaD DESIGN – Double Roman Swimming Pool at Cosmopolitan until June 18th

in PG an Adult version – 29LI

with lighting system: on/off, intensity, light colors and access

It combines two systems of animations: single/couple and multiple avatars accessible through a touch menu

Includes the colorable mattress with 5 single animations and

the colorable floating ring with 5 couple animations

Di’Cor Zoya Stone Garden Set in Fameshed June 

Zoya Garden Outdoor Bench in PG and Adult version  6LI

Zoya Table 9 LI

Zoya Wall Fountain 13 LI

Zen Creations – Celebration Table

all food or wearable items from this set are fully animated and interactive

set includes also a resizer version and a coloring HUD to customize the look the items

Celebration Balloons

Celebration Boxes

Celebration Banner

Celebration Cream Cups

Celebration Drinks

Celebration Cup Cakes

Celebration Donuts

Celebration Cake

Celebration Platter

Celebration Candy Jar

Fancy Decor: Throw Pillows at The Arcade June 2016

Little Branch – Sugar Maple trees v.2 and v.3 (seasons change menu) at Fameshed

GOOSE – old wooden bench single – Midnight Madness gift

revival –  linen floor cushion – Midnight Madness gift

Apple Fall – Country Hall

Apple Fall – Urne de Terra Cuite (Light)

Apt B // Homestead Primitives Ladder

NOMAD // Scalloped Garden Table

NOMAD // Garden Recliner A

Amala – Drinks Cooler – Red at The Arcade June 2016

tarte. garden dining chair (lemon) at The Arcade June 2016

🌙 Moon


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