Sharing my memories


DaD DESIGN  – Birch Cottage at Shiny Shabby

Foot print: 16,0 x 11,3
Land Impact: 30

wall bell by touch

Has a main large room with a staircase that leads to a mezzanine

and a glass-enclosed veranda

Di’Cor Comfy Shelter at Whimsical

in Light and Dark Version and PG and Adult version

 Land Impact 13

more than 150 Adult, Cuddle and Solo motion capture animations

Fancy Decor – Emoji Frames at Kustom 9

Fancy Decor at Shiny Shabby 

Fancy Decor: Dutch Landscape

Fancy Decor: Fireplace with Frames

[evoLove] – Swing with 3 poses at Tres Chic

Serenity Style- Criisti Set at Tres Chic

Serenity Style- Criisti Table

Serenity Style- Criisti Armchair With Drape border

Serenity Style- Criisti Armchair

Armchair and Drape border texture change on touch

hive // hello summer set at U L T R A events

hive // hanging bucket lamps : rusty, silver and teal

hive // beach house sign

hive // ahoy table

hive // painted seahorse decor

hive // corkscrew willow jug

LB_SeaAlmond {Seasons} at LTD: The Event until May 26th

LB – WildGrass*1Li {Green}


other decoration items

[we’re CLOSED] wood lantern

09 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine

{what next} – Coastal Marlow Chairs and Tray- Midnight Madness gift

revival – old map

revival – journal

Serenity Style– Dream Beach Pin Yellow

🌙 Moon


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