Do you understand my silence?


Phedora – Alexandra heels with 21 colors HUD 

at Mesh Body Addicts

Petite Mort- Parker halter top and Parker skirt 

at Tres Chic

please note that LM will be active on May 17th

[P]-Derian Earrings at The The Thrift Shop

The bunny that I am holding is from Label Motion

– My sister’s stuffed rabbit {Subscriber Gift}

4 bunnies with left and right hand hold

These bunnies contain pose modifiers. They can be used with your AO or any other pose you would like to use. The can be resized with a touch menu.

(Milk) now Besom – Oriental Buns

I am sitting on the Modern Belt Swing by [Daydreamers]

16 single (8 male+8 female) animations, 10 cuddles, 16 adult animations

✈    Maison de l’amitie

 🌙 Moon


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