The darkest nights produce the brightest stars


!EE – Fit Mesh Denim Skirt v1 wear v2 and 

!EE – Fit Mesh Leather Vest v1 wear v6

original for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique and 5 standard sizes

💫      💫      💫      💫      💫

phedora – Sarah Boots for Maitreya 

at The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

7 single colors commons, 21 color HUD rare includes also 2 extra textures:

bronze and oxide (on photo above)

💫      💫      💫      💫      💫

Opale . Olivia Hair at The Chapter Four

2 colors for the price of 1

💫      💫      💫      💫      💫

[P]- Ursa Major Gacha – Twinkle Halo//Snow (animated) and

[P]- Ursa Major Gacha – Heavens Constellation Box RARE (decor)

it is a 3d animated constellation, with star background. It comes with
a customization HUD that includes 12 types of wood for the shadowbox and 20 different inspirational and famous quote backgrounds.

  at The Gacha Garden

💫      💫      💫      💫      💫

[P]– The Arahe Earrings with Texture HUD

Kalopsia – Emily’s Bracelets -gift at The Chapter Four

✈   Rosemoor

🌙 Moon

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