Say “I do” to a Heavenly Wedding


Dream about your wedding day and your wedding reception.

Think about your wedding style and the mood you want to set for the entire venue.

Then think about your budget.

And visit Calas Heavenly Weddings

Calas Heavenly Weddings, Vista area

cuddle or dance  in one of the many romantic spots

Calas Heavenly Weddings river area

or even rez your own dance or cuddle poses.  The sim has free rez rights.

The owners Fotis Calas (crucibleofgold resident) and Hoya Calas (hoyana portilo) are available to answer your questions.

see more photos here

This is what the owners say about Heavenly Weddings

“This place is created with love and romance in mind, if you are in need of a small , cozy, convenient and affordable wedding ceremony then this is your place.
The ceremony is completely automated and personalized using both partners names.
There is no scheduling or waiting , … be partnered with your loved one when the time is right for you!
Heavenly Weddings is perfect for those who want a small, simple wedding – bring your closest friends to witness your nuptials, or enjoy a secluded ceremony, just you and your love. ♥”

🌙 Moon



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