Sun Forest Cottage

Sun Forest Cottage

DaD DESIGN  – Sun Forest Cottage at Shiny Shabby 

from April 20th

Foot print: 12,6 x 19
Land Impact: 56
copy/modify/no transfer
Materials enabled

The porch has a glass roof with leaves that change color through a touch menu.

9 colors available for every season

LB -White Cherry Blossoms at LTD: The Event

includes White Cherry Blossoms

Flowers bed

Wild Grass 1LI

CHEZ MOI – Garden Shed at Tres Chic

Room for 1-2 avatars
12 gardener animations like planting, seeding, weeding, pricking, watering among others.
12 single poses – female and male
32 animations for couples in love (16 x 2)

Several “wearable” props as flower pots, water can, baby plants and others

Garden Shed: 16 LI | Mesh
Trellis with Roses (optional): 3 LI | Mesh

Available in Green, Blue and Pink Version

GOOSE – Garden fence with arch at LTD: The Event

(arch not pictured here)

Build pack contains:

fence, fence post, arch, gate left, gate right and gate arch with gates linked

all parts are 1LI and maintain LI even when resized

gate arch with gates linked is 6LI

Serenity Style-Spring Patio Corner at Tres Chic

Serenity Style – Spring Patio Pile of Pots

Serenity Style – Spring Patio Empty Pot

Serenity Style – Spring Patio Chair

Serenity Style – Spring PatioTable

Serenity Style – Spring Patio Can

Serenity Style – Spring Patio Corner (not pictured here)

floorplan – pot stack at Collabor88

🌙 Moon


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