Sweet Dreams Cottage

Sweet Dreams Cottage

DaD DESIGN -Sweet Dreams Cottage at LTD: The Event from April 12th

comes in two versions

tall version with high pillars and 3 flights of stairs so it can be placed in the water

Footprint: 17,8 x 42,3
Land Impact: 242
copy/modify/no transfer

ground version with short pillars and only one flight of stairs so it can be placed on the ground

Footprint: 17,8x 35,4
Land Impact: 216
copy/modify/no transfer

Color change menu switches scattered around the house to customize the color of the different areas. 74 colors available!

[Daydreamers] – Seaside Porch Swing 

at the EviEvan Events from April 10th

in PG and Adult versions

with texture changer for the pillows, the seat and the wood

LB – Bouton d’or  at Fameshed

here you can see the yellow but it’s also

available in pink, orange and lavender

If there is something in the picture that you would like to have more details about,

please contact me in flickr or inword

🌙 Moon



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