Not losing my balance

Not losing my balance

enVOGUE – HAIR Miriam 

fri. – Macey.Platforms at Uber 

[P]- Azunite Gatcha at The Gacha Garden

Crystalline jewelry in 20 common Circlet/Crown combos to choose from. They come with a metals HUD.
Rares include a full jewelry set with ten metals preprogrammed in, as well as 20 gem variants
also a Royal crown, decadent, decked out with almost 50 crystals, a rich centerpiece, and a lavish hud that controls
all the metals with 10 different variations, middle gems with 20 different variations, and all of the crystals with 20 variations as well.

Here wearing the 2 necklaces short and long

 V.e -Katherine Ensemble at Sniny Shabby

WetCat – Glance at Cosmopolitan

box contains props : curtain and stool

🌙 Moon


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