Old Walnut Bed

Old Walnut Bed

DaD DESIGN  – Recycled Bed Old walnut 11LI

Exclusive at Lost & Found from January 20th – February 1st

PG or Adult version, 4 wood colors, Texture HUD for matress, bedsheets, pillows, duvet

☁    ☁    ☁    ☁    ☁

DaD DESIGN 03 Leather Armchair – from Music is Life gacha

DaD DESIGN 06 Small wood table brown – from Music is Life gacha

☁    ☁    ☁    ☁    ☁

The following items can be found at Tres Chic 

Clustered – Rustic Corner. Old Locker

Clustered – Rustic Corner. Wood Cabinet

Clustered – Rustic Corner. Cabinet

Clustered – Rustic Corner. Wall art

Clustered – Rustic Corner. Weathered Bottles

KKs – Alice – deco murale

Sway’s – [Birdcage] Candle holder & wall art

☁    ☁    ☁    ☁    ☁

floorplan – leaning book stack

Bazar – Stockholm-Bedroom Rug

dust bunny  – getaway basket -gacha

ASO! – Drawer -gift

Clustered – Westbrook Collection. Socks & beany – gift



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