Law enforcement

Law enforcement

Are you ready to enforce the Law?

Here is what you ‘re looking for

New at TMD January 2016

epia – Police Uniform Masterpack

Fully color controllable via Hud: Shirt, Pants, Buttons

Visibility of (epia) collar pin, police department patches, and sergeant chevrons can be individually toggled via the Hud

copy and modify permissions so you can add your own patches!

3 standard sizes for male and female

epia – Duty Boots

Fully texture and size controllable via Hud: 8 boot and lace textures and 4 clips textures

copy and modify permissions allow to resize manually as well

epia – Duty Belt

male and female included

♦ Flashlight: left-click or type /1flashlight to toggle light and holding animation.
♦ Handcuffs (functional): Cuff other residents when close enough (within 2.5m range). Great for roleplay! (This works only if the other resident accepts the permissions dialog)
♦ Hide gun and holster through menu and place your own choice of weaponry.

epia – Police Officer Cap

Texture change via Hud. Size change via script (touch for menu)

Visibility of golden (epia) logo can be toggled

Boot, belt, cap and uniform scripts can be remotely removed through Hud

🌙 Moon


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