Is this Shaun?

LAVIAN – AW1516 – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

with color change Hud (36 colors for top and leggings – can be worn separately)

LAVIAN – AW1516 – Essentials Lindy Pumps

[P]– The Korian Earrings

Sharp, tribal, and shiny, these are sure to grab your attention.
The Korian earrings come in three different wear sizes as well as an included HUD that changes the textures inbetween 30 different color and fade combinations. Resizable, stretchable, nano capable, fits any ear!

[P]- The Lore Bag

The Lore Bags are a genuine, 100% custom mesh, gorgeous handbag that comes in multiple styles.
There’s a DECOR version, 1LI, a left hand hold version, a long strapped purse hold version, and a front hold version.
It comes in 12 colors and there’s a hud that controls the metals adorning the bag as well as the zippers.
12 preprogrammed metals included. Scripted to play animations on attach.

available at Shiny Shabby

Doe –  Foxy hair

✈  It’s a new dawn

🌙 Moon


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