Ice Rink Park

Ice skate rink  at 2015 SL Christmas Expo

LEP ~ Ice Rink Park

contains Ice Rink Park rez box and Best snowflake emitter

Footprint 25×25

LEP ~Ice Rink Extras


log to tie your skates (on the right) 8LI

with animated sit poses for 2 single sitters

Ice Rink Cuddle Bench with Trees (also in Ice Rink Park box) 10LI

Best snowflake emitter

Frozen single shrub (next to the log) 1LI

Ice rink (no surroundings) 22LI

Red Wooden sign

Winter Park Tree (trees around the park) 5LI

Reindeer with Cold breath 3LI

Exclusive available from December 3rd  – December 14 at

Love Everlasting PlantPets at the Xmas Expo  – A Frozen Christmas

for more details see here

🌙 Moon


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