Prepare your home for Christmas

Prepare your home for Christmas

DaD DESIGN Recycled Living Room Christmas Edition

at Lost & Found

DaD DESIGN Vintage Tub Sofa

DaD DESIGN Vintage Tub armchair

❅   ❅   ❅   ❅   ❅    ❅

8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage (The Arcade December 2014)

-Christmas Tree

– Carpet

on the floor

LJ -Krampus Elf – Gump at Tannenbaum

Fiasco – Decorating For Christmas Box at Tannenbaum

Christmas Ornament Box Red

Christmas Ornament Box Colorful

Christmas Ribbons

the pose shop. that’s a wrap! GG at Premium Only Event

dust bunny – potted rowan berries (Gacha)

at the back right

No Concept – snow crystal set at Tannenbaum

dust bunny . blanket stool (Gacha)

on and around the fireplace

Fancy Decor – Star Light, Star Bright

R(S)W Christmas Card Row at Tannenbaum

Silence. – NOEL at Tannenbaum

Boudoir – Vintage Christmas Card Garland

dust bunny – firewood basket (Gacha)

[PM]Pixel Mode – Lisa Table

what next – Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray at Collabor88

Scarlet Creative – Country Keep

🎄   🎄   🎄   🎄

🌙 Moon


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